Copernicus Digital Eye

Your Eyes for the Online Marketplaces

Copernicus Digital eye has been developed Machine Learning models by ingesting 3.6 Mn + lead images across 4 leading e-Commerce marketplaces WORLDWIDE to Identify key components that drive “Customer’s Propensity to Click” on a lead listing on SERP page and computed component weightage (by category/ geography etc). It calculates individual scores of 12 components from SERP product listing" from customer's "propensity to click" perspective. These 12 key components are:

1.Lead Image quality
3.Rating (stars)
4.Number of ratings
5.Coupons such as
    a)Amazon Prime badge,
    b)Best seller badge,
    c)Amazon Choice badge etc.
6.Offer Price
7.MRP / Discount
8.Add to cart button present or not
9.Delivery Date
10. Buy Box
11.Amazon Choice

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