If there’s one industry that has completely revolutionised the social and business fabric worldwide, it is the Telecom industry. However, such a fast expansion of wireless and wired last mile connectivity has resulted in major disruptions that include network side disruptions such as evolution of 3G, LTE, 5G (with all flavours such as UW, UC etc) as well as terminal side and App based disruptions. Telecom industry is perhaps the only one that has experienced the fastest changing landscape and user preferences. This brings unique challenges as well that include: 

Customer side challenges: 

  • Customer churn/ retention
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer-product mapping
  • Market share
  • Customer one-view 
  • Managing customer experience across touch points
  • Managing and understanding customer lifetime value

Competition side challenges: 

  • Product differentiation
  • Competition insights
  • Competition strategies
  • Increasing the pull of various deals/ partner offers

Marketing challenges: 

  • Hyper personalised, hyper-localised campaigns
  • Managing marketing RoI
  • Intelligent targeting

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