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Over the last decade organizations have been transforming their sales & marketing functions to operationalize their commercial strategy and optimize their marketing spend. Advancements in tools and an increase in digital activity presents organizations a micro-level view into their target audience.
A micro-level view into your target audience is now possible as the world moves to a greater digital adoption. Marketing functions need to be equipped to understand their target prospects demographics, 
behaviors and attitudes through a detailed analysis that blends the prospects online and offline footprint. 
Sales functions need to be optimized by size & structure to target their key client base. Organizations need to have the proper analytics solutions in place to not only orchestrate a seamless customer experience but also ensure their sales force is highly motivated with proper data that offers real-time insights
and also the right KPIs, incentives and rewards.
Facts'n'Data's advanced solutions for the sales & marketing activities offer organizations a smarter approach to getting actionable insights and a sales force strategy that generates higher sales. 


While most companies agree on price sensitivity and consider this carefully in their pricing decisions, they do not factor in all parameters properly. 

Even promotions are not properly planned with the assistance of data to ensure the success of a specific promotion (driving more customers or increasing their spend share).

Companies can create value by linking pricing & promotions through better advanced analytics.

Brands should have a deep understanding of how their customers move through multiple touchpoints across their funnel. This can help your marketing team to effectively and efficiently arrive at decisions about brand experiences, running effective marketing campaigns, investment in a marketing channel and much more.

Customer journeys are long and complicated in todays world. Each stage of the customer journey can have hundreds of touchpoints and hundreds of channels at play. Our specialized services helps in simplifying this and optimizing your marketing spend. Connect with us to learn how we can make this happen for you.

Are you looking to understand and predict how your customers choose one product over another? Are you looking to understand the value your customer places on particular changes in a product ? Our teams are dedicated to providing solutions and advice on advanced choice modelling.

We have industry leading algorithms to help companies understand customer purchasing patterns. This can assist the sales & marketing teams to develop more effective product placement, pricing, cross-sell /up-sell strategies.

Brand owners are often inundated with data: media spend, sales, availability, price competitiveness, brand health metrics, website page visits, social media interactions to name a few. Big question is the balance between Analysis-Paralysis and meaningful insights. Facts ‘n’ Data has proprietary Marketing Mix Models (MMM) that generate meaningful insights. Without drowning into technical jugglery, Facts ‘n’ Data provides solutions that really make an impact – on the mindshare as well as bottom line.

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