Today's customer is well informed and is blessed with many choices. With so many brands of the same product vying for the customer's attention, it is important in the present world to understand our customer at a deeper level than ever. The digital revolution and an open environment gives us lots of data to make this easier. We can use advanced analytics tools to understand our customer, analyze their behaviour, predict their buying patterns and exceed their expectations.  

In-store data and online customer patterns provide us with the necessary inputs to arrive at a customer 360 degree view. Organizations need to utilize analytics to predict purchase patterns, customer behaviors, emerging lifestyle trends in order to provide personalized offers and enhance their customer interactions.


Facts ‘n’ Data offers specific models that identify “Look Alike” based on your TG (Target Group). It’s based on making predictions and making an offer to the TG, based on known preferences of similar customers/ prospects from existing base. Identification of the “Look Alike” is a subtle art as well as robust Science and may backfire if not handled well. 

Making predictions about the Customers that may make desired response to a campaign, predicting the best suited channel, the most probable day and daypart, and the message can make all the difference. Marketers can benefit from proven Statistical and Mathematical models developed by Facts ‘n’ Data  to give a boost to their campaigns.

Facts ‘n’ Data uses proprietary methodology to determine the worthiness of leads/ potential customers, by assigning values to based on multiple features. Identification of features and assigning weights however, needs a balanced mix of experience and business understanding. 

Facts ‘n’ Data Brand Health models go beyond checking the ToMA (Top of Mind Awareness), UR (Unaided Recall), AR (Aided Recall) etc and check the ratio of loyal : new : churn customers. While the classic AIDA (Awareness – Inquisitiveness – Desire- Action) model has stood the test of time, the way data is collected and analysed makes all the difference. That’s where AI based advanced data analytics models of Facts ‘n’ Data become differentiators. 

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