The global consumer packaged goods market size is projected to reach $2.38 Trillion by 2027. The industry is crowded with manufacturers and the competition is fierce. The top leading companies in this sector are focussing on new ideas associated with the invention & supply of consumer packaged goods. 

With an increased amount of data being generated, industry leaders are well-placed to understand the market better and  take decisions that improve their brand value and increase sales. To do this, companies need to ensure all their data (structured and unstructured) is collected, cleaned, organized and analyzed in the right & timely manner so that actionable insights can be gained. 

As the world around us changes, CPG manufacturers will continue to face an interesting mix of opportunities and challenges. Advanced analytics insights can help guide the industry leaders by helping them understand the market outlook, providing strategies to improve the value chain and adapting their marketing as well as customer loyalty programs to this fast-changing environment. 

Our offerings tailored for the CPG sector include:

  • Emerging trends & opportunities research
  • Consumer choice modelling & analysis
  • Media mix effectiveness
  • Customer shopping experience mapping
  • Price & promotion analytics
  • Market basket analysis
  • Total spend optimization
  • E-Commerce promotion analytics
  • Search ranking impact analysis (E-Commerce)
  • Demand forecasting & planning
  • Supply chain analytics


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