All About Facts 'N' Data

About Us


Facts 'n' Data is a New Delhi (India) headquartered specialized Advanced Analytics Consultancy that offers Advanced Solutions across verticals (such as Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing (Process & Discreet), BFSI, FMCG/ CPG), across most functional areas. It was founded in 2012 by professionals with >25 years of hands-on Advanced Analytics & Research experience.
Facts 'n' Data uses data insights to solve complex issues such as:
Big Data Analytics & Real Time Insights
Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Advanced Data Analytics Algorithms and Products such as Data Cleansing Tool/ Credit Rating Tool/ Recommender Engine
AI driven Analytics engine (for a market leading software product)
o RoI optimization
o Complete sales lifecycle optimization – lead capturing, nurturing, harvesting, loyalty
o Real-time campaign customization and optimization
o Discreet manufacturing production optimization in a market with fluctuating demand
o Omni-channel marketing optimization
Customer segmentation – Hyper Personalisation, Hyper-Localization
Customer experience lifecycle management, monitoring and optimization
Customer stickiness & engagement
Cross-sell & up-sell opportunities
Customer-one-view particularly for large financial institutions with diverse product offerings
AI based credit-risk-rating based on behavioural modelling
Behavioural-demographic campaign customization

Our History


2012: Facts ‘n’ Data was incorporated as a Private Limited Company registered with Registrar of Companies, New Delhi with the mission of making Scientific Decision making accessible to organisations of all size across functional areas. It was incorporated by professionals with >25 years of experience (at the time of inception) given the acute paucity of trained manpower, systems and appetite for experimentation. 

2013: StatLabs – a Statistics R&D unit established within Facts n Data with the objective of R&D in Statistics, Mathematics and Operations Research. It was observed that from the date of publication of a Research it takes 25-30 years to make the research usable for corporates. StatLabs cuts this time short to 3-4 years. StatLabs keeps a tab on latest academic activities and finds business use cases of these techniques so that they can be made available to clients within 3-4 years. To date, Facts ‘n’ Data has ~30 algorithms to its credit.

2015- “Facts ‘n’ Data” gets registered as a Trademark.

2016: “StatLabs” registered as Trademark. 

2020: Realising that almost 40-65% time of any Advanced Analytics project is spent on Data Cleansing, the team developed a Data Cleansing tool that saves 85% of data cleansing time so that the time saved can be better utilised for analysis. 

2021: The team also developed a Credit Rating tool that augments and merges data from multiple resources and irons out anomalies in multiple credit reports to do behavioural segmentation of users based on historical data. This, in turn, can be used by BFSI sector to assess risk based on different user segments and pick the segments based on their appetite and business objectives.

To date: The team has worked on >80 clients on over 600 projects across 14 industry verticals. Some indicative projects include Marketing Analytics tool development, e-Commerce sales booster, establishing Social Media war room.

Our Mission


Spread Scientific Decision Making at all levels across organizations of all sizes to enable “Best, Fastest Data driven Decisions” in the context of relevant Facts.

India: New Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Navi Mumbai, Hyderabad

USA: New York

UK: Reading

India:   +91 11 410 20 300

USA:   +1 347 535 3001

UK:   +44 118 2040001