Welcome to StatLabs®, our Algorithm Conceptualization, Testing, Deployment & Simulation Laboratory. It’s our Lab for doing R&D in Decision Science & Data Science (Cognitive Research, Statistics, Mathematics, Operations Research and allied areas).

Experience suggests that it takes 15-25 years for a new analysis technique to be available to be used by Business. Obviously, if a new analytics technique is made available to Business within 1-3 years of it being published in a Research Journal, it gives an unparalleled advantage in today`s competitive world.

StatLabs® does exactly that – we keep an eye on new Techniques being available, assess their possible impact, test them in real-life scenarios, and tweak them to make Business sense.

StatLabs® consultants continuously do R&D on new techniques, develop algorithms to solve business issues, critically analyze these by putting them through the acid test of real-life data analysis, and commercialize the same. Our clients are the first ones to get the best of the world techniques.

StatLabs is our registered Trademark.

Campaign RoI Optimization

  • Optimize RoI of various competing media channels that typically have varying
    – success rates
    – audience base
    – measuring matrix
  • Campaign objectives (Awareness/ Engagement/ Conversion)
  • Dynamic optimization algorithm that automatically adjusts itself based on data.
  • Uses multiple contradictory views – not only “Propensity to respond”, but also “Propensity to Churn” based on the same campaign

ROI Prediction Model

  • Based on the RoI for first 2-3 days of a campaign, predicts the likely RoI
  • Predicts which channel – audience segment combination is likely to perform and which is not
  • Saves from the unexpected surprise at the end of the campaign – flags under-performing channel-audience segments so that user can fine-tune the campaign
  • Also makes it possible to leverage on over-performing segments to overshoot campaign objectives

CVI  (Customer Value Index)

  • Classic Industry Definition of How much a customer has given in the past & therefore predicting how much will give in the future does not serve the practical purpose of targeting own base
  • The model indexes an individual customer based on multiple parameters in relation to own best customer (taking care of outliers)
  • Avoids over-targeting valuable customer for not-so-valuable campaigns

CVI  (Customer Value Index)

While the campaign is underway , it tells the following :

  • What components, channels, segments are working
  • What actions one should take to ensure it meets the campaign objective
  • How to leverage on successful segments/ channels
  • Real time Pre warning signals
  • Ante-mortem, not Post-Mortem

Its takes away all the nasty surprising elements & drives positivity

Propensity Modelling

  • Propensity prediction
  • Individual-Channel-Campaign type complex propensity calculations- By Weekday/ day part
  • Considers “natural propensity to buy” to arrive at real incremental propensity to buy – “the best campaign candidates may not really be the best”
  • Also considers “Propensity to Churn” (opt for un-subscription) based on number of communications already sent

Digital Footprint Analyser (DFA)

Dynamic behavioral-demographic segmentation based on digital behavior to get Digital foot-print analyzer gets amazing insights to a seasoned Digital Marketer – these insights are way ahead of the insights provided by any other tool available in the market today.

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We are the Data Scientists cum Technologists for the CMO/ CEOP community and help them by synthesizing facts with relevant data to provide scientific analysis and expert interpretation. We are tool and technique agnostic focusing only on the business Issue.

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