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Facts n Data considers people as its biggest ass et and offers a culture that is unique in terms of people, the passion they share and the results they deliver. Being in Knowledge industry, people are our biggest assets – the success of Facts n Data team is a direct function of passion and competence of our team, more than anything else..

We have employee centric people management policies and we respect the work-life balance of our team members in true sense. Facts n Data is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate employees on any basis and firmly believe that employment generation is actually a corporate social responsibility.

While merit prevails, we encourage economically underprivileged sections of society, as well as those who are differently abled to become a part of this intellectually stimulating environment. We consider passion for Data Sciences, problem-solving, creative thinking, and clarity of concepts as key criteria for recruitment. .

We strive to retain our people and groom them to deliver exceptional value for our clients. We cultivate a culture of unwavering integrity. And yes, we are exceptionally truthful and transparent with employees. We never bargain on compensation, we do not base our offer on what a professional`s current compensation is, and what we offer is based on our fair valuation of a professional. As a matter of Policy, same principles hold true for annual review process. Oh yes, our compensation package is extremely tax friendly. .

To explore the possibility of joining our team, send us your background, interests and experience summary to info@factsndata.com – please note that it may not be possible to send individual response given an extremely large number of applications received..

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About Us:

We are the Data Scientists cum Technologists for the CMO/ CEOP community and help them by synthesizing facts with relevant data to provide scientific analysis and expert interpretation. We are tool and technique agnostic focusing only on the business Issue.

Contact Us:

New Delhi, India: +91-98 10 22 84 02

New York, USA: +1-347-53 53 001

Reading, UK: +1-118-20 40 001

Mumbai, India: +91-70 11 90 06 96

Email : info@factsndata.com