Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics and Modelling (including Big Data Analytics)

We take multi-disciplinary approach and leverage on concepts of streams such as Statistics, Mathematics, Operations Research, and have expertise over SAS family of tools, IBM-SPSS family of Tools and open source tools such as R. Our innovation and R&D is powered by StatLabs to do experiments to leverage latest developments in various academic streams of Data Sciences such as Statistics, Mathematics and Operations Research for Business use.

To help solve complex business problems such as xxxxx, we do advanced Statistical and Mathematical modelling on it. While many such time intensive tasks such as data gathering, structuring, cleansing, normalization are done in automated/ semi-automated mode using our proprietary algorithms, we continuously innovate in terms of analysis techniques to ensure that no insight is ignored. We use latest techniques and tools, while remaining tool/ technology/ vertical agnostic!

Our advanced Machine Learning algorithms manage our other algorithms to ensure that we take care of data dynamicity. This means that we are right, everytime!

About Us:

We are the Data Scientists cum Technologists for the CMO/ CEOP community and help them by synthesizing facts with relevant data to provide scientific analysis and expert interpretation. We are tool and technique agnostic focusing only on the business Issue.

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